Where do you fall on the Inclusive Leader Continuum?

The Inclusive Leader Self-Assessment is an online tool which we created to help with your personal leadership development.


We may all agree that inclusion is important and that we want to be inclusive leaders, but it’s not always easy to describe what that actually means. Based on our extensive experience working with hundreds of companies, we believe the categories and statements included in this assessment collectively characterize the behaviors of an inclusive leader.  

Please take your time to consider each statement and answer honestly.  

Remember, the Inclusive Leader Self-Assessment is a tool for private reflection and learning. If you’re honest about where you are today, that’s when this tool can be most effective in helping you expand your knowledge and awareness so that you can begin to take meaningful steps forward.  

Based on your responses to the self-assessment, we’ll provide feedback indicating where you appear to currently fall on the Inclusive Leader Continuum for each inclusive leader category and provide suggested resources that will help you advance to the next level.

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